Edition 2022-2023
Course CS4200
StartFri, Sep 2, 2022 00:00:00
EndTue, Nov 1, 2022 23:59:00
Enroll untilFri, Oct 14, 2022 23:59:00

Course Rules


Grades reflect on correctness, clarity, shown programming skills, and readability of your submission. To pass the practical part of the course, you need to meet all of the following criteria:

  1. You completed each lab assignment with an average grade of 4.0 or better.
  2. You completed all lab assignments with an average grade of 5.0 better.

These rules allow you to compensate for lower grades in single assignments, but ensure a minimal quality in all your milestones as well as in your overall practical work.


Lab assignments must be submitted by the published deadline. Please contact us about deadline extensions.

For special personal circumstances, you should contact the academic counsellor. Together we will try to find an individual solution for you. Remember to contact the academic counsellor as soon as possible, once you become aware of your situation.

Academic Misconduct

  • All actual, detailed work on assignments must be individual work.
  • You are encouraged to discuss assignments, programming languages used to solve the assignments, their libraries, and general solution techniques in these languages with each other. If you do so, then you must acknowledge the people with whom you discussed at the top of your submission.
  • You should not look for assignment solutions elsewhere; but if material is taken from elsewhere, then you must acknowledge its source.
  • You are not permitted to provide or receive any kind of solutions of assignments. This includes partial, incomplete, or erroneous solutions.
  • You are also not permitted to provide or receive programming help from people other than the teaching assistants, PhD students associated with this course, or the course manager.

Violation of these rules will be reported as a suspected case of fraud to the Board of Examiners and handled according to the EEMCS Faculty’s fraud procedure. If the case is proven, a penalty will be imposed: a minimum of exclusion from the course for the duration of one academic year up to a maximum of a one-year exclusion form all courses at TU Delft. For details on the procedure, see Section 2.1.26 in the faculty’s Study Guide for MSc Programmes.