Available from August 20, 2021 until July 31, 2022

Course: CSE1100 Edition: 2021-2022

One can enroll until Sun, Aug 21, 2022 23:59:00
About the Course

Object Oriented Programming is the first of many courses in the curriculum of the Computer Science & Engineering Bachelor related to software development.
Topics covered include: primitive datatypes, control structures, composition of data, classes, inheritance, use of libraries (APIs), unit testing, debugging and a selection of more advanced programming topics.

Latest Announcements

Updated Java version assignments from week 4 and up.

We have just updated the active Java version of Weblab to Java 16. This version has been enabled for the assignments of week 4 as well as the practice exams (and will be used during the real exams as well). You may notice the test output for these assignments looks slightly different from what you’ve seen so far.

If you have already started to work on these assignments or the practice exams and experience issues, you may have to reset your assignment to get proper test output.

at Tue, Sep 14, 2021 17:28:06

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