Available from September 1, 2018

Course: CSE1300 Edition: 2018-2019

Course staff
  • Sebastian Erdweg
  • Stefan Hugtenburg
  • Neil Yorke-Smith
  • Yana Angelova
  • Jari Bervoets
  • Kevin Chong
  • Isha Dijcks
  • Arjen Ferwerda
  • Otto Kaaij
  • Pia Keukeleire
  • Rembrandt Klazinga
  • Irene Klom
  • Wouter Polet
  • Siert Sebus
  • Arjan Seijs
  • Leonard in 't Veen
  • Max van Deursen
  • Jeroen van Dijk
  • Rosalie van de Vuurst
  • Yoshi van den Akker
  • Dieuwke van der Ende
About the Course

The course Reasoning and Logic is accompanied by a project. In the project, you’ll learn how to use existing tools to automatically reason about non-trivial software specifications.

The project is separated into two parts. In Part 1, we will reason about building blocks and how to stack them correctly. This example is deliberately simple so that we can focus on how to read and write specifications. In Part 2, we will reason about more realistic specifications that model train networks.

We highly recommend you work through Part 1 before tackling Part 2. You can get started by selecting “Assignments” on the left.