Available from November 1, 2021 until May 29, 2022

Course: CSE1305 Edition: 2021-2022

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About the Course

Algorithms and Data Structures (course code CSE1305, previously TI1316 and TI1316TW)

All information about this course is available on Brightspace (rules, slides, etc.)

Do not contact the teachers or TAs via their personal email; Any email sent to our personal email addresses will not be answered.

Some important rules regarding the homework:

  • Although the homework is optional, there are deadlines for receiving feedback. These deadlines are visible in Weblab: the due date is when we recommend you to finish the homework and also the latest date before which you’re eligible to receive feedback.
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For Assignment 1:
We have removed the requirement of \(\mathcal O(1)\) space complexity.

at Mon, Apr 4, 2022 14:24:21

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