Available from November 11, 2019 until April 16, 2020

Course: CSE1305 (ex-TI1316) Edition: 2019-2020

One can enroll until Mon, Jun 29, 2020 08:59:00
Course staff
  • Robbert Krebbers
  • Joana de Pinho Gonçalves
  • Kevin Chong
  • Maarten Sijm
  • Yoshi van den Akker
About the Course

Algorithms and Data Structures (course code CSE1305, previously TI1316 and TI1316TW)

All information about this course is available on Brightspace (rules, slides, etc.): https://brightspace.tudelft.nl/d2l/home/193722

  • For questions about the course in general, the exercises or your own solutions/implementations, use the Brightspace forums.
  • For other questions or issues, please email ads-cs-ewi@tudelft.nl.

Do not contact the teachers or TAs via their personal email; Any email sent to our personal email addresses will not be answered.

Some important rules regarding the homework:

  • Although the homework is optional, there are deadlines for receiving feedback. These deadlines are visible in Weblab: the normal deadline is the date at which we recommend to have finished the homework. The extended deadline is the latest date before which you’re eligible to receive feedback.