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Course: CSE2120 Edition: 2019-2020

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Course staff
  • Casper Poulsen
  • Eelco Visser
  • Ali Al-Kaswan
  • Yana Angelova
  • Wesley Baartman
  • Kirti Biharie
  • Philippos Boon Alexaki
  • Luc Everse
  • Boris Janssen
  • Rembrandt Klazinga
  • Mirco Kroon
  • Chris Lemaire
  • Sterre Lutz
  • Yaniv Oren
  • Wouter Polet
  • Thijs Raijmakers
  • Jim van Vliet
  • Yoshi van den Akker
  • Paul van der Stel
  • Eric van der Toorn
1.1. Week 1: Learning Scala

The assignments for this week provide an introduction to the basic features of Scala that we will be using in this course:

  • Function definitions and calls
  • Expressions
  • Case classes
  • Pattern matching

Study the “Programming in Scala” book to learn more about these features, and consult the Scala Standard Library to learn about pre-defined functions that are available to you.

The final assignment is the implementation of the parse function described in the PLAI book.