Available from January 26, 2020 until July 3, 2020

Course: CSE2120 Edition: 2019-2020

One can enroll until Thu, Apr 2, 2020 12:00:00
Course staff
  • Casper Poulsen
  • Eelco Visser
  • Ali Al-Kaswan
  • Yana Angelova
  • Wesley Baartman
  • Kirti Biharie
  • Philippos Boon Alexaki
  • Luc Everse
  • Boris Janssen
  • Rembrandt Klazinga
  • Mirco Kroon
  • Chris Lemaire
  • Sterre Lutz
  • Yaniv Oren
  • Wouter Polet
  • Thijs Raijmakers
  • Jim van Vliet
  • Yoshi van den Akker
  • Paul van der Stel
  • Eric van der Toorn
2.3. Grading

The grade for the course is determined by the average of

  • Exam: The grade for the final exam (80%)

  • Lab: The grade for the lab assignments (20%)

To pass the course, each of these grades (Exam and Lab) should be 5.0 or higher, and the overall grade must be 5.8 or higher.

The Lab grade consists of two parts:

  • Mandatory: There are six mandatory assignments. The grade for each mandatory assignment must be 5.0 or higher. The max grade for each mandatory assignment is 8.0.

  • Extra: There are a number of extra assignments. The grade for each extra assignment must be 6.0 or higher in order for it to count towards your grade. The two extra assignments with the highest grades will count towards the final lab grade.

The grade for the lab is calculated using the average grade for the mandatory assignments (GM), the average grade of the two highest-scoring extra assignments (GE), and the formula: GM + 0.2*GE.

There is no resit for the lab.

The regular exam is held in April in the exam period. There is a resit for the exam in the exam period of Q4.