Available from August 2, 2019 until August 31, 2020

Course: CSE1100 Edition: 2019-2020

One can enroll until Mon, Aug 31, 2020 00:00
Course staff
  • Thomas Overklift Vaupel Klein
  • Andy Zaidman
  • Sander van den Oever
  • Denise Toledo
  • Sam Vijlbrief
Course Rules

In order to ensure fairness and orderly proceedings of this course, students must agree to the following code of conduct:

  • My answers to assignments will be my own work.

  • I will not make solutions to assignments available to anyone else. This includes both solutions written by me, as well as any official solutions provided by the course staff.

  • I will not engage in any other activities that will dishonestly improve my results or dishonestly improve/hurt the results of others.