Edition 2023
Course KT3701
StartMon, Nov 6, 2023 12:00:00
EndThu, Feb 1, 2024 12:00:00
Enroll untilThu, Feb 1, 2024 10:56:00


Welcome to the KT3701 bioinformatics course

This course you will learn data analysis techniques that can be employed to analyse genomics data. After the course you know how to: align sequences, statistically analyse data, cluster and classify data.

With this WebLab environment you can make the quiz and exam questions.

On the left you see the ‘Your Enrollment’ box. Within that box there is a clickable item ‘Your Submissions’ with which you will go to your assignments. Alternatively, you can do that by the box below and click ‘Assignments’

When doing so you will be redirected to the Assignment tab where you will see your list of assignments. Those that you have already submitted have two green check symbols indicating that you started answering the questions and completed them. New assignments will show two red crosses. By clicking an assignment you can start answering them.

When you click an assignment you will be redirected to a new page that lists the collection of assignments belonging to one quiz or exam. Click on the first question (always the ‘Code of Honour’ question). You will enter a new page, showing the question, either in the middle (for multiple choice questions, or at the left (for open answer questions). For the first question of a new assignment, you need to ‘Start editing your submission’ which is at the top of the page in the green box. When clicked you can start answering the questions.

When you have answered the question, you can submit the answer with the submit or the submit&continue button (in green). The last one will bring you automatically to the next question.

On the top right of the questions tabs you can see the list of questions numbered and in orange, blue, or green. Orange indicates that the question still needs to be answered, Blue is the ‘active’ question. The Green questions are already submitted.

Until the deadline you can change the answer of a question and re-submit. After the deadline this is not possible anymore.

After the deadline the answers to the questions can be seen. You can go to your assignment/question and on the top left (next to the blue ‘Submission’ button) you can find a button ‘A Answer’. By clicking this you can see the answer to the specific question.